About us

Preco was founded in 2005. Preco is one of the most trusted and the leading manufacturer of grain handling equipment in the Baltic region. We design and produce according on EU Machinery Directive, international standards ISO 9001 and Certificate of Conformity EN 1090. Preco conveyors, grain dryers and optional equipment are designed and manufactured in our 8000 sq.m. large production site which is located in Latvia. 

Over the years more than 8000 grain conveying systems with capacity up to 500 t/h have been produced and delivered to our business partners in various countries. 

What makes Preco the best choice for your grain handling and drying needs:

  • High quality equipment
  • Customized and innovative solutions
  • Excellent price & quality ratio
  • Experienced team in agriculture

Competence centre

Preco Competence Centre is established to train our customers about conveying systems, grain dryers and optional equipment. 

Training takes place in our production site in Lielvārde and it is led by Preco sales team and service engineer. 

We welcome sales managers, engineers and assembly technicians to attend training at Preco Competence Centre.


Contact Information

Dravnieku Street 16, Lielvārde, LV-5070, Latvia