Mobile Grain Dryers

Material: galvanized steel sheet metal

Model: MD


MD1x2, MD1x3, MD1x4, MD1x5

MD2x2, MD2x3, MD2x4, MD2x5

Volume: 15 – 67 m3

Description: mobile dryer is suitable for small and medium size farms. Dryer is mobile and no building permission is required. Cost - effective solution. Heat exchanger and light oil burner are used to minimize fire risk in drying proccess.

Standard Equipment (MD1 series):

  • Drying column with electrical slide feeding device
  • Access ladders with platforms
  • Mobile frame with wheels
  • Heat exchanger with two stage diesel burner
  • Insulated (50 mm) hot air duct between heat exchanger and burner
  • Discharge chain conveyor
  • Bucket elevator with manual two way divider and grain duct set
  • Dust removal unit PPA60
  • Radial fans without dust separation
  • Control panel with button interface, filling guard, overheating thermostats, digital drying thermostat, digital cooling thermostat and cooling timer, and cabling
  • Operational manual and packaging.


  • Manual air channel valve for drying partial batches
  • Pre-cleaner  - aspirator (3 types available)
  • Aspiration system with cyclone for separation of light admixtures
  • Additional control unit for motors with power from 2.2 kW to 11.0 kW
  • Additional sensor indication (1 pcs.).


  • Cost – effective solution
  • Mobile frame from steel with wheels
  • Bucket elevator incl. in standard delivery
  • Dust removal unit incl. in standard delivery
  • Control box incl. in standard delivery
  • Fast assembly (delivered pre-assembled)
  • No building permission is required