Continuous Flow Dryers

Material: galvanized steel sheet metal.

Productivity: 10 -100 tons per hour.

Standard Equipment:

  • drying column with triangular air channels;
  • outlet section with electric  metering mechanism;
  • buffer hopper;
  • centrifugal fan;
  • service platforms, hatches, and ladders;
  • grain sampler unit;
  • level (4 pcs.) and temperature  sensors (4 pcs.);
  • safety thermostats;
  • insulated hot air channel;
  • modulating gas burner with air flow control;
  • control panel;
  • discharge conveyor - for the GL and GXL series;
  •  controllable cooling zone.


Optional Equipment:

  • complete drying column insulation;
  • CENTRIFAN fans with dust separator;
  • moisture control sensors with automatic drying process management;
  • fire alarm system;
  • fan silencers;
  • diesel burner with heat exchanger;
  • increased buffer area capacity;
  • bio-burner with heat exchanger;
  • burners for other types of fuel.



  • suitable for installation indoors and outdoors;
  • energy efficient - energy economy of up to 40% (depending on the equipment);
  • considerate to grain;
  • suitable for various grain crops;
  • high productivity.