Chain conveyor K

Chain conveyor is manufactured from galvanized material (275 g/m2) in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EU Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and EN ISO 12100:2010.

Chain conveyor is intended for horizontal transportation of free-flowing materials used in agricultural, food and other industries. Conveyors are developed for daily, continuous and all year-round operation.

In order to achieve maximum flow rate and maintain continuous operation, chain conveyor is calculated on matched capacities principle. It means, that chain conveyor theoretical capacity will be higher than elevators or feeding conveyors. Please see schematics at the end of price list.

Models give the following capacities based on grain with 15% moisture content, bulk density 750 kg/m³, at specified chain speed. Please notice that every 1% increase in moisture content above 15% decreases capacity by 3-4 %.

Standard delivery includes:

  • Tension section (A)
  • Inlet (B)
  • Extensions with connection plates (C)
  • PEHD bottom wear out plates, t=10 mm
  • Chain, type FV
  • Drive section with direct fitted gearbox, motor, inspection window and overloading membrane (D)
  • Outlet (E)





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