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  • Location: Latvia, Valmiera
  • Area of operation: Pre-processing, storage, and trade of agricultural products
  • Installed equipment: GXL14R Continuous Flow Dryer with recirculation; Grain Intake Pit; E150 and E200 Bucket Elevators; K40, K200, and K250 Chain Conveyors
  • Installation time: June - August, 2016
  • Description:
    New stationary continuous flow grain dryer with hot air recirculation and grain conveying equipment that was connected to the existing grain intake system was installed within the reconstruction project of the existing grain pre-processing plant.
    Productivity of the dryer 60 t/h, volume 134 m3
    Centrifan blowers with silencer and dust separator cyclones 
    Liquefied gas burner
    Chain conveyors with capacity of 20 – 200 t/h
    Bucket elevators with capacity of 150 – 200 t/h
    Grain intake pit 4 x 12 m, volume 65 m3
    Electric two-way valves - symmetrical and asymmetrical